I want to get low prices on top-quality products!

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Spend less time fixing your tires and more time working with LiquiTube® tire sealant!

Perfect for farming & agriculture, construction, trucking and more!

If your equipment isn’t working, you’re not making money. We understand the frustration that comes from getting ready for a long day of hard work, only to find that you’ve got a flat tire and can’t even start. Worse yet, you’re in the middle of a job and suddenly find your efforts grinding to a halt due to tire issues.

You can’t eliminate tire punctures—but you can prevent them from slowing you down!

Our team recommends installing LiquiTube® tire sealant in your tires to ensure you make the most of your investment and provide preventative maintenance that saves you, your workers, and your company both time and money. Fill out the form here for more information and low prices!

  • Repairs punctures immediately (up to ¼” in small tires & up to ¾” in heavy ply tires)
  • Reduces downtime to improve your productivity & bottom line
  • Eliminates air leaks in tires
  • Spend less on new tires when you prolong the life of the ones you already have
  • No-mess, easy installation

Adding LiquiTube® to your tires:

  • Keeps Tires Properly Inflated
  • Extends Tire Life
  • Increases Fuel Economy
  • Lasts for the Life of the Tire
  • Makes a Permanent Repair
  • Reduces Equipment Downtime
  • Eliminates Tire Repair Costs
  • Reduces Lost Man Hours
  • Keeps Tires up to 35˚ Cooler
  • Reduces Blow-Outs
  • Coats Evenly, Aids Tire Balance
  • Is Effective from -45˚ to Over 200˚F
  • Contents Never Separate
  • Requires No Mixing
  • Has an Indefinite Shelf Life
  • Is 100% Water Soluble for Easy Cleanout
  • Meets EPA Standards for Municipal Disposal
  • Is Non-Flammable & Non-Hazardous
  • Will Not Rust, Corrode, Or Pit Wheels
  • Does Not Void Tire Manufacturer Warranties
  • Works in Tube Type Tires
  • Is More Effective in Tubeless Tires

How does it work?

How it works

I want to get low prices on top-quality products!

Order your LiquiTube® now! Once you’ve tried it, you won’t know how you got along without it.