Our mission 

We seek to reduce costs and increase the value of your business through top-quality products that enable you to work longer, harder and without those flat tire headaches.


Who are we?

We’re a team dedicated to finding you the products you want, and using our 30+ years of various industry knowledge to do just that. Ultimately, our sights are always set on top-notch customer service.

Our owner, Dave, developed a passion for overcoming the problem of flat tires in the late 50s, when he took command of the farm’s loader to move snow, dirt, feed and more—all when he was only 9 years old. Too often, a flat tire brought his work to a standstill, and he had to ask his mom to drive him to town in order to get the tire repaired.

Being so young, he was shown no respect despite having rolled the tire into the shops and asking to have it fixed quickly so he could get back to work. He even believes that his age got him placed at the back of the repair line, which often forced him to return home and use a shovel to continue his work while he waited. Understandably, he has strong feelings about those experiences to this day.

It was only 4 short years ago when Dave found the solution he had always dreamed of. He overhead customers bragging about the results of a product his friends were selling—LiquiTube®. And he’s been a dealer of the product ever since.

Through this site, Dave and his son have partnered to ensure that everyone has the option of utilizing the product as well to avoid the flat tire issues that Dave himself has spent most of his life dealing with.

Together, their goal is to see their customers save and make money by avoiding tire problems. Fill out the form for the best prices on the market!

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