"We tried LiquiTube® in a Kawasaki 95izv front end loader with a 7-yard bucket. This loader digs blasted ledge eight hours a day. One front tire had gotten nine cuts on one sidewall of the tire, with some all the way next to the bead. The tire would go flat in three days. This tire can't have a tube, due to the severe application that it operates in. It seemed our only option was to replace the tire at a cost of $8,000 dollars. After talking to Dave about LiquiTube® we decided to try it. Never been more happy. LiquiTube® was put in the tire at 7AM and pressure set at 60psi; one month later the tire is still at 60psi. LiquiTube® saved us $7,600 dollars."

– Kyle Estes Crusher Forman P.Y. Estes & Son

"Dillon Transportation started installing LiquiTube® in our fleet in the month of June 2012. We operate 100 plus tractors and 300 plus trailers with several different tire sizes, Super Singles, 17.5, 22.5 ect. Since June I have seen my tire cost and road tire expense drop at least 40% and will continue to monitor and use this product as we move forward. I also anticipate more savings.


Mark Horton
Director of Maintenance

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note about your product. I typically don't promote anyone’s product, but when I saw how great your product performed, it made a believer out of me quick. I have to be honest, I wasn't sure if your product would do what you said it would, so I bought a few 5 gallon buckets of your stuff, and I told my mechanic to use it.

I checked back in a week or so later, and I asked my mechanic what he thought. He said "I love this SH**”. We put it in all the buggies, wheelbarrows, all of our small tools, trailer tires, wheel loaders, you name it. Nothing has come back to the shop to get repaired again. I love it. If you have a huge fleet of equipment like we do, it will make your job a lot easier, GUARANTEED.

Thanks for all your support with your product."

Paul Sykora
ValleyCrest Lanscape Developement

"This letter is directed to Best Designs Marketing International for developing such a great tire sealant. I want you to know how pleased I am with your product. I have been in the construction and excavation business since 1981. Therefore I had the same tire issues and problems as everyone else in this business; flat tires, downtime of equipment, lost man hours and expensive repair costs.

Several years ago I had seen your tire sealant at a trade show and thought I would give it a try. Little did I know that this would do everything you said and more. Your tire sealant has eliminated my flat tires and gives me approximately 17,000 more miles of tread life on my dump trucks which totals a savings of $3280.00 per truck per year. The most amazing part was when it was time to replace my tires

I found 8 nails and screws inside of the one tire and it never lost any air. I am a firm believer in your product. Finally, a product that will do what the manufacturer says it will do!

This being said I have to share the story of the April tornado outbreak in Alabama. As I stated before, I am an excavation contractor in North Alabama and have been using your product in my personal construction equipment for about 12 years. When the tornados hit Henagar and Rainsville, Alabama the devastation was horrendous; we were called on to help with the clean-up of the debris. We were driving through tons of debris and rubble on a daily basis. Other contractors were constantly fixing flat tires and amazingly I had none, which caused people to ask, “Why are you not getting any flats?” At which point I explained that I was using a tire sealant that created a liquid-type inner tube inside the tire and it would instantly seal a puncture wound to the tire.

One of the other contractors asked if he could purchase some of my tire sealant to try in his

tires. When he saw that the tire held air and he was no longer getting any more flats, he asked me to purchase a bucket for him.

This has led to an explosion of orders for your product and I am happy to say that I am now a

National Distributor for LiquiTube® and have many satisfied customers. Once they try

LiquiTube® they are pretty much sold for life. Again, I want to thank you for creating a product

that works and sells itself.

Best Regards,"
James M. Rosh

I want to get low prices on top-quality products!

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